Volunteers Needed

In September, a few of us were blessed with seeing boys, who are part of the Mayfly Project, discover the world of fly fishing. We made flies with Marcos, casting practice with Jim Richards, tying knots with me, and learning with Dave S. LET’S GO FISHING!

Paul Ellis is the lead on this fresh water outing where we get to teach these young fellas to fly fish.

Location: https://gospellakes.org/

Time: Paul Ellis can advise more

Date: Saturday, December 14th, 2019

Their lake is 18 acres of fishing lakes and ponds (catfish, bass, bluegill, perch). Check out their web site address.

We need volunteers to help these young fellas with catch and release fishing. We do ask you provide your most inexpensive 5 weight or less for the boys to use and your time. Having your knowledge and passion for this sport will be priceless to these enthusiastic kiddos.

Can Paul count you in? But most important…CAN THESE ENTHUSIASTS COUNT ON YOU?

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