Texas Flyfishers 2019 Christmas Party

IF you receive an invitation, please be sure to RSVP


Houston Elk’s Lodge,  10150 W Airport Blvd, Stafford, TX  77477

Sunday, December 8, 2019

4:00PM to 8:00PM

Secret Santa / White Elephant Prizes

Bring a wrapped gift valued $10.00 to $20.00

Each person who brings a wrapped gift will receive a ticket

The first person whose number is called will have 1st selection from the gifts

The next number called will be able to select the previously selected gift or select from the table of unpicked gifts

The third person, whose number is selected, can selection one of the previously taken gifts or select a gift from the main gift area

All following numbers called will continue with selecting previously selected gifts or selecting from unselected gifts

If the previously selected gift is “Stolen” by a new number, that person will be able to select a new gift from the table of selections

Secret Santa ends when all presents are pulled from the table of selection

Gifts can be stolen only twice

2 thoughts on “Texas Flyfishers 2019 Christmas Party

  1. The White Elephant gift exchange was a big winner for some light hearted fun. It was a nice addition and hope we continue it next year. I loved Skip’s comment “Why do I feel like I am going home with this”. He got a true White Elephant gift.

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