South Llano float trip, update 2019-06-26

This trip is coming up this weekend and there are just a few open spots in the cabins.  The good news is that there are still plenty of camping spots

See below……

South Llano River float trip, 2019, updated 2019-06-12

Lodging assignments (Deposits received) :

Cabin 1: 1Queen, 1Full, 3 Cot spaces, 1 short Couch
Q: (G. Wells, $50 Deposit in hand)
F: (Puck, $40 Trip leader)
C1:(Bear, $20 deposit in hand)
C2:  This spot is open
C3:  This spot is open

Cabin 2: 1King, 1Queen, 3 Cot spaces
K: ( Steve E. $60 deposit in hand)
Q: ($50 Richard E.(G) deposit in hand)
C1: (Scott B., $20 deposit in hand)
C2:  (Larry Mc, $20 Deposit in hand)
C3:  This spot is open

1. Patty
2. Loretta
3. Ken K.

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