Orvis, the Woodlands asking for our help.

I’ve accepted for the 13th of April to set up a table, tie flies, pass out business cards, and gather contact information.  Contact “Puck” if you are able to help out.

TIm S. has volunteered, but I am still looking for others.

From: Orvis, Woodlands
9595 Six Pines Dr #500
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Our store is having our Spring Orvis Days event on April 13 and 14. During this event we will be having presentations and seminars on local (Texas) fishing, and we were wondering if you or anyone from your organization would like to present on Saturday (exact time TBD) as well as set up a table with information about your organization and local fishing. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can send an email to our customers asap.

Thank you,

2 thoughts on “Orvis, the Woodlands asking for our help.

  1. 2 of us passed out cards and brochures while we tied flies. Just as we were trying to leave, the bottom dropped out of the sky. Looking forward to “next time”


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