Trout in the Classroom Update

Sorry it has taken a while for an update on the club trout tanks – unfortunately we had a rough time this year with hatching the eggs and lost a lot compared with previous years. This years eggs are brown trout, as opposed to rainbows in all previous years, and came from a new hatchery so its been a steep learning curve this time round. However all 14 tanks are still going and we still have 100’s of baby brown trout growing on and seemingly now healthy and feeding well!

2 thoughts on “Trout in the Classroom Update

  1. Hi Matt,
    We’re doing a Trout in the Classroom at the Pecos Middle and High Schools in my new home in Pecos New Mexico. Lots of learning for us, but we’ve had some trout casualties too. Certainly a rough start. Battled high ammonia for about 3 weeks, but have it under controlled. Our eggs were delivered about 3 weeks earlier than planned so we had to deal with accessing the school during winter break. The TFF program was an inspiration to adopt it here in Pecos. We have a very active TU Chapter in the Santa Fe area, which is a great help.



  2. David – glad to hear that we are inspiring new tanks! Looks like we also just survived spring break with minimal casualties. Feel free to post pics here for your tanks too.


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