Windknots – February 2019

  • Here’s What’s Coming Up! – February Monthly Meeting, Education, Casting, Conservation
  • Outreach – Reel Recovery, Project Healing Waters
  • Trout in the Classroom – 2019
  • Mark Your Calendars – 2019 Club Activities Calendar – February thru April
  • 27th Annual Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival Review
  • Members Outings Report – Louisiana Jumbo Redfish, Lagniappe
  • For Sale by Member – Custom Fly Rod by Joe Nicklo
  • Fly of The Month – The Redfish Merlot

Windknots Feb 2019

4 thoughts on “Windknots – February 2019

  1. hey Guys
    I enjoyed Clint Barghi’s talk on moon cycles effect on the feeding habits of fish, at the february meeting. I also picked up a copy of “Doug Hannon’s Field Guide for Bass Fishing” circa 1980 at the take a book, leave a book table. Doug addresses the moon’s influence, based on 48 months of detailed on the water full time research, with over 300 bass caught. Doug created and sold a solar lunar circular slide ruler to calculate the best times to go fishing due to the moon cycle. That 2019 edition calculator is for sale for $9.95 at

    I’m not trying to promote a product, but trying to reinforce what we learned from Clint’s presentation, with some another reference.


  2. Wondering if I can still attend the fly-fishing academy. Didn’t get an opportunity to make the first meeting


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