Why sign up for a trip, instead of just showing up?

The way we used to track participants, with a sign-in sheet at club meetings, didn’t allow the participants to be notified of any changes to the event, (weather, high water, muddy water, bad tides, etc.) or coordinate what to bring (rain gear, food, camping supplies, etc.)

Making phone calls to every club member or participant, is no longer an option due to the drastic increase of robo-calls, and the blockers that prevent unknown numbers from getting through, such as mine.

You’ll notice on every club trip we try to post an Evite link.  (https://www.evite.com/)

This useful tool requires you to make an Evite account, but it doesn’t take long, and is relatively painless.  Yes, you will get some advertisements in your e-mail when you sign up, but they aren’t as bad as some.

I am currently tracking the weather and beach conditions for our next outing.

Texas FlyFishing Padre Island National Seashore 2018 Surf Fishing Trip

We currently have  people signed up.  By using the tool described, I can share any updates with those folks quickly.

We try to post here on the website any changes, but not everybody looks at or follows the website, and may not get the update.

My biggest concern is that we make a change due to safety, and we have somebody get hurt because they didn’t get the word.




7 thoughts on “Why sign up for a trip, instead of just showing up?

  1. Nobody but you uses this website as it is perceived by most as being fairly user unfriendly. I have seen very few photos or articles posted here unless they are sent to you by email first. I have answered numerous posts on here and seen no responses from you or any others. It is generally looked at as a huge “fail” by many long time members. If you thought our previous website was clique-ish then this one far exceeds that of the previous.

    Mike G.


    • We lost our old webmaster. He was working 8-20 hours a week just keeping spammers from taking over. The web page had very little fresh content, not the web masters fault. Club members wouldn’t send him stuff to post. The forum is where all of the communications happened, and where most of the spam attacks happened.


  2. Any TFF member should be allowed to post.
    The current setup discourages me from posting, responding or even visiting this web site.
    Evite and or the telephone are my way of finding out about stuff.
    Our “new” site is not an improvement over the previous.
    Scott F

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