Fly tying for PINS 2018

In preparation for the 2018 PINS trip, I am looking at having a fly tying session in Katy.

Texas FlyFishing Padre Island National Seashore 2018 Surf Fishing Trip

Flies considered: Clouser, Smack Candy, Surf nibbles, and 5 minute mullet

And am open to suggestions for others.

If interested, here is the Evite link:


5 thoughts on “Fly tying for PINS 2018

  1. 7 of us sat around the table tying flies, making eyes, and swapping stories. 3 patterns tied, smack candy, surf nibbles, and the 5-minute mullet. Fresh bread and dip were snacked on as we made a total disaster of our tying area. Does anybody need the materials list, or where to get them?


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