South Llano River float trip 2018 report

Fished low water crossing Friday night between 1700-1900 for practice before the float trip.  A few fish were caught, and fun was had.

Hiding from the sun on Friday night as Rene cooked the bratwurst.  Brats, chips, pasta salad, etc. for dinner Friday night.

Breakfast Saturday was “eat what you brought” as we polished off 2 pots of coffee.

By doing a self livery, all of us were on the water at the first crossing by 0800. We left 2 vehicles at the launch, one at the take-out, and the rest at camp.  I think this is the way to do it again “next time.”

The Saturday float trip was only a shade over 4 miles, allowing us to spend a lot more time fishing and less paddling.

Yellow sunfish, longear sunfish, bluegill, largemouth bass, guadalupe bass, gar, and rio grand perch all came to hand.

The fishing was OK, but not a spectacular as it has been in the past.  Some of the factors could be the extreme temperatures, 103°F during the float on Saturday.  We really felt it when we got -off the water. The 104°F on Sunday was also a killer.  The rains that had come the week before may have also slowed the bite.

The wind was at our back on Saturday, which helped when it came to making our way downstream.

The long dead water stretch just before the take-out at the bridge was a killer, and confused one of our group so bad that he actually made his way back upstream, instead of down, in confusion. And off course, his radio was turned off.

Off the water by 1530, and back to camp by 1600, to recover from the heat.

Saturday dinner was our “pot luck” and we shared leftover brats, salad, cheese enchiladas, melon, cheese, crackers, hog head cheese, with red beans and rice for dessert.  All of this was chased down with adult beverages, and a lot of water.

11 of us fished Saturday, and 6 of us stayed for the Sunday adventure.

Sunday morning we tried to get into a new-ish eatery, City Sweets & Eats, but they were closed.  So down to Isaack Restaurant we went.  Sitting around the table we recounted our adventures and talked about “next time.”

We left Isaack Restaurant, and made it on the water by 0800, after telling some of our crew “safe journeys”  as they made their way home that morning.  Robert had left back to Kerrville the night before.

We were off the water by 1200 on Sunday, and made our way back to camp for showers and load-out by 1300.


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