Scouting out East Matty, 2018-02-18

In preparation for next weeks’ outing : Prison Permit Invitational, 2018 3 of us loaded into Mike Q’s boat and made the run from Matagorda Harbor to the south shoreline, around Cleveland Bayou.

With the east wind the run across the bay took a while as we had to cut the waves.

We saw 9 sheephead, and a few small schools of 6″ mullet.  The sheephead were staging near the the scarce shell in the shallows, and along the underwater weedlines.  I was only able to get a cast off to one of them.  The rest spooked, and ran.

The water was off-color with poor visibility until you got within 50 yards of the shoreline.

All of the deeper shell that we’ve seen in past years are completely missing from this area.  The bottom was firm, but featureless.  Possibly the result of the hurricane.

We tried to get up to Rawlings cut, but the water there is now so shallow that a kayak will be the only craft able to use it.

Keep an eye out for the weather.

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