10 thoughts on “VIP Poppers

  1. I know Scott. Fished with him years ago. Also he came as a fly tier for the first gulf coast event in Lake Charles. That’s a great fly as well is his MDF.


  2. Another tip/option for this fly is to angle the leading edge. This will cause the fly to dive a few inches on the strip. Floats back up on the pause,

    I also use a 12# mason weed guard. Cut ~1.5” piece. Use bodkin to poke hole in foam. Take needle nose pliers at 45 degree angle and crimp last 0.25” of mono. The ridges will help with bond. Put a drop of super glue on hole and push in mono. Trim to length when dry.

    Scott F

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  3. Scott is a great guy. I suspect he would agree to a video. Its also possible that Buddy Price made a video at one of the events.


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