Louisiana bull reds Jan/Feb 2018

The following is from Capt Scott Null:

I’ll be going back to Louisiana for the winter bull reds in 2018. I have secured a really nice house on Grand Isle with two separate living quarters. It is located right on the beach with a large deck above the dunes. I have the second and third floors. We’ll have it to ourselves as they won’t rent the first floor while I’m there.

We will be sight casting to large bull reds in shallow water with fly or light tackle from my East Cape Fury poling skiff. I am also considering bringing the new Dargel 230 Kat with me if there is enough interest in that. Some of you have been out to the barrier islands with me and experienced some crazy good fishing. The issue has always been getting there safely and comfortably in the little skiff. This would make those trips faster and much more comfortable. I have a trolling motor and a forward casting platform on this boat. It’ll work for fly or conventional casters. Also, if someone was interested in bringing three or four people I can accommodate them. (the house is plenty big enough)

Trips will be $650 for a single day or $600 per day when booking two or more consecutive days. This price includes your lodging at the rent house and is for one or two anglers. Add $50 per person on 3 or 4 man trips aboard the Dargel. Meals are flexible. Some nights I cook and some nights we go out to eat. There aren’t a whole lot of restaurant choices on Grand Isle so if you want to bring food that’s fine too. As a bonus, Camille will be there quite a bit this year and she’s a fantastic cook. If we talk nice to her she might feed us.

I have the house Jan 1st through Feb 28th. The only time I’ll have blocked out will be the weekend of Jan 20th/21st to come back here for my grandson’s birthday. I’d be disowned if I missed that. I also won’t fish on Jan1st or Feb 28th, obviously. So I’m throwing this out there as I have in the past. First come, first served via email requests. Shoot me your preferred dates and maybe a second choice too. I look forward to hearing from you.

e-mail – captscottnull(at)gmail.com

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