Report, Fishing the Sabine River, 2017-10-28

Fishing the Sabine River, below the generation canal @ Toledo Bend

I was the only one to show up for this trip.  It seems that the 2nd Annual Brays Bayou Carp-A-Thon – October 28th drew more folks.

TBARS cabin that I stayed in has 4 beds, a king, a queen, and 2 twins.  An ADA ramp leads into the cabin I rented.

We may want to think about reserving a LA State Park cabin next year, unless I can arrange this cabin again.

Arrived at about 1730, and started getting gear ready.

Dinner at 1900, cooked on a real stove.

No cell phone coverage, or internet of any kind.

Woke up at midnight to a inside cabin temperature of 65°F.  A little tinkering with the thermostat and things warmed back up.

I brought my kickboat this year instead of a kayak.  This is like fishing from an easy chair, and is very stealthy.

Fully loaded kickboat

Fully loaded kickboat

The battery only lasted 4 hours for the trolling motor.  Meaning that the range of this kickboat is ony about 3 miles.  See the GPS track for total area covered.

LMB were the only species caught on this trip.  None of them were monsters, but the bite was consistent all day.

I cast at a few gar, but no hook-ups.

The flies that produced were Clousers, and bendbacks, in light and dark color schemes.

No vampires.

On the water by sunrise, 0700, and off the water by 1500.

It was 43°F in the morning, warming up to 55°F by the time I stopped.

The wind was non-existent at launch but picked up by the afternoon, making rowing a challenge.

Water clarity was amazing.  There was even diver’s training (Dive Toledo) right across from the launch point.

Clear water

Clear water


2 thoughts on “Report, Fishing the Sabine River, 2017-10-28

    • This was a test, and I have to say that the kayak is a better choice for these waters. The flowing water, and the wind, made moving this kite a challenge. The kayak would not have caught as much wind. I could have carried as much gear, and I would have been just as comfortable. Kickboat/pontoon will be with me next weekend at Damon 7 Lakes.


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