I’ve been experimenting with a new material and tied up a few of these.  The question I have, what do I throw them in front of?

Size 14 scud hook
Red micro chenille
Silicone worm bodies, in this case 3 different colors
Head cement.



Tie the thread onto the hook, and wrap all the way up and down the shank, giving a complete base of thread for the materials to grab.

Tie in the chenille and give one layer of a few wraps where you will want to secure the body.  Move the thread to the eye of the hook and put a half hitch in place to hold it.

Using only the chenille, tie the rubber body into place.  Stretch it, pull it, align it however you like before locking the chenille down with the thread that you bring back, under the body.

Lock the thread in place with a whip finish, and use some thin, penetrating, head cement.

7 thoughts on “Worms

  1. Puck, I have found these flies to be very productive, at times, for rainbow trout. I have fished them by themselves or with a dropper. Last year, the fish had torn my “fly” up to the point only half of it remained but the trout kept on hitting it. Jim


  2. These are commonly referred to as “squirmy wormies”. The material has been out for several years and can be found in Feather – Craft Fly Fishing Catalog. I’d call it a lively “San Juan Worm” with attitude and action good for trout, sunfish and smallmouth bass. As the title implies “squirmy” makes it a little difficult to keep it from spinning on the hook when tying and if tied to tight, the thread will cut the material in half. Better yet, go to Walmart’s Auto Dept. and buy a Chamois. Cut it in 1/8 inch wide strips 2 1/2 inches long and tie on hook. Gives same action without tying hassle.
    John Blair, Fly Fishing and Advanced Fly Tying Instructor recently moved to area from Bella Vista, Arkansas. Living in Conroe, 936-202-8025 e-mail – jmragusab@gmail.com


    • I found that if I put a base layer of chenille down the soft squishy material doesn’t spin on the hook shaft.

      Does the chamois strip soak up water, changing the way the fly is delivered?



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