Casting Games

I am still here in Colorado, so have been fishing with the Pueblo Tailwater Renegades (PTR).  Yesterday (2016-08-22) they had a picnic and invited me to join in.  My contribution was an appetite and setting up the “Casting Games.”  I didn’t find anything easily on line, so I drew on my experience with Texas FlyFishers, and put together 5 stations.  These had to be easy to set up, minimal rules, and inexpensive.  From the start I though “No Problem.”  There were a few challenges, but after a few modifications, the games turned out well.  The scores ranged from pretty good to embarrassing.

Here is how we set up the games:

Station 1, deliver through a vertical target at 30 feetStation 2, deliver to a target 150 feet away, multiple castsStation 3, deliver under an obsticleStation 4, deliver a curve castStation 5, deliver a straight fly line for 50 feet

I have these stations in other formats so the presentation can be modified.  Does anybody here have some ideas that they are willing to share for more stations?

5 thoughts on “Casting Games

  1. Most I fish with would be lucky to post a positive score, that is 1 tough course.
    But for ideas:
    – cast from knees at target (hiding)
    – especially for CO, cast severely overdressed (my definition is while wearing 2 of Puck’s winter jackets) at target. This teaches the art of dressing for the weather.
    – roll cast at target


  2. Knees is actually a good idea. I’ll look at that one.
    Overdressed? In Houston sometimes a T-shirt is overdressed.
    How far can we roll cast? 30 ft?


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