GPS update

Was anybody else aware that DeLorme was acquired by Garmin (Link to press release)?

I use my Spot all the time, and there was a software update, so I find that in the turmoil, my device is minimally supported, and that the software is no longer available, nor does the former DeLorme staff know if it will ever be supported again.

Heads up before you purchase a GPS, particularly these 2 legacy brands.


2 thoughts on “GPS update

  1. I only have this to say about your problem . You speak of your “SPOT”. I’m only guessing now but might that be the name of your hand held GPS? If so now everybody else knows. I have NO idea what minimally supported means concerning this device. Are you saying you cant reach the SPOT’S technical support team (try 1-800-INDIA)? Then you say the software is no longer available…what software. How was it removed from your device? Operator error maybe? Lastly I give you this advice. When you think you need a GPS to locate where you are, I want you to look down at your two (big) feet…OK this is simple… that’s where you are! BOOM! It’s easy No Software, No GPS, No Garmin, and for God sakes no DeLorme (sounds French) and you know nobody supports the French!

    As always PUCK have a great day and we look forward to your next Technical Support issues here in our little east Texas back yard.


    • “Spot” is the sending unit that allows me to send messages from my GPS, like all important “Fish On!” My device also has an SOS function in case I really get into trouble.

      The technical support for my GPS and the software that support it “TOPO North America®” is no longer supported. I have version 9, which is not compatible with Windows 10, so I was trying to upgrade to version 10. You can’t even buy version 10 from DeLorme, which was originally a privately owned US company.

      I use the program to organize float plans, plan road trips, and track my POIs (points of interest) [fancy words for fishing spots]


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