Pre-fish the JSFSS, 2016-03-27

Mary-Kay, Skip, Rob, and Puck hit the water…….Rob and I were on the water by 1100, fishing from a bass buggy.  John S. was already there and catching fish.

Rob and I landed over 100 fish before we called it good at about 1700 using only 4 flies:

  1. Black beetle
  2. Yellow spider
  3. Sam’s 1 Bug
  4. Jointed minnow

Skip and Mary-Kay joined us on the water a little after  lunch and immediately sacrificed a 5wt fly line to a trolling motor.  They did catch fish, and had a good time.  Can we get them to comment?

The next time I will be able to fish Damon 7 Lakes  will be the JSSFS in 2 weeks, the John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular .   Join us there, and see what fly works.




6 thoughts on “Pre-fish the JSFSS, 2016-03-27

  1. From Lynn ‘Skip’ Donovan
    “Yes, after getting on the water later than we wanted to in the first place and then the fiasco with the fly line in the trolling motor, we finally started fishing about 2 in the afternoon. This was the only bass caught for the day. I`ll just say that, although we caught nooooo way as many fish as Rob and the Puckster, Mary Kay was having more fun than a pig in slop! See ya`all out there on the 9th.”


  2. The water in the lake was gin clear. You can see the fish everywhere. I need to fish with Puck to see what the heck he does that enables him to catch so many more fish. He is to big to throw overboard.


  3. We checked again yesterday. The bite was slow due to the high wind and change in weather (we only caught 36 in 2 1/2 hours). The large bluegill were right next to shore, hanging out but not clearing beds yet. By next weekend, all could change.


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