Propose a fly swap / give-away

P4220020For the January meeting I’d like to propose a general fly swap, or give-away.

I find that I have hundreds of flies that I’ve either collected or tied, and with the rate that I tie verses the amount of time I spend on the water, my collection keeps growing.

So with the goal in mind of reducing my stockpile, I plan to being a few hundred flies to our January meeting and either trade, or give away, the majority of what I bring.

Golden is only allowed to observe, and drool..   😉


One thought on “Propose a fly swap / give-away

  1. That went well, with Mr. Adams, via Mike Arnold, supplying most of the flies. Any flies that were left after we got through pawing through them (not many) went to Reel Recovery. Should we make this a quarterly event? If so, we can try it again for the April meeting.


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