Prefish “Jacks in the Surf”

Our friend Daniel went down to PINS on October 27th and checked the fishing for us .

Jacks in the Surf; Nov 9-10, 2018

“We threw clousers, surf candy, ep bait fish, bunnies, seaducers, deceivers, (Red and whites, chartreuse, natural, black and purple) and the pompano was caught on a small crab imitation. They were feeding so heavily they would have hit anything that moved. Definitely recommend taking some wire leader material. The sharks were interested in darker bait fish patters (black and purple).


Daniel D.”

5 thoughts on “Prefish “Jacks in the Surf”

  1. Who was the “we” you were speaking of? Water looked excellent but the fish??? No pictures…no fish! What was feeding so heavily? A Pompano! This kind of report doesn’t excite anybody w/o the eye candy! How long were you there? What were the beach driving conditions like? Did you find any birds working the shoreline, which guts were the fish in? But hey thanks for the water pictures…WoW 😉


  2. Started fishing around 7:30am Sunday 27th and finished up the trip around 3pm. Driving conditions were great due to the rain they got the day before. Lady fish and Mackerel were feeding heavily under the birds and is what was caught throughout the trip. Some were caught between the first and second sandbar and some were caught past the second bar. Birds could been seen feeding hundreds of yards off the surf as well. Drove down about 40miles but stop to fish the birds along the way up and down. No fish pics were taken cause aint nobody got time for that when they are biting.

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  3. This is Jeremy from the San Marcos fly club. I am trying to get in touch with Puck regarding the next PINS trip. A couple members from the San Marcos club want to meet up and fish with you guys. Can someone reply with Pucks email? Thanks.
    BTW, would it be worth it to bring a kayak along if the surf is flat? Last year the birds were really thick just beyond casting range.


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