2018-10 Sabine River report

5 people participated in the event.  The fishing was slow on the river, but was better on the lake.

We are already talking about “next time.”

Fishing the Sabine River, the generation canal @ Toledo Bend, October 2018

Signed in at the cabin at 1400 and the rest of the anglers started arriving at 1700.

After getting everybody settled into their rooms and bunks, the campfire and grill were lit.   Rods strung up and gear prepared as the fires came up to temp.

Loretta and Patsy, the sisters, brought way too much food.   We had hamburgers Friday night along with chips, dip, and apple pie at the counter facing the kitchen.

After dinner we moved out to the campfire to share stories and make plans.

Saturday morning after a good breakfast, and coffee, we were on the river, on the Louisiana side, by about 0830.  The generation canal was a bit too fast to fish comfortably so we changed locations, slightly  The map is shown below.

After paddling and exploring, no fish came to hand by noon, so we went back to camp for lunch.

After lunch we launched into the lake.  Bass and bluegill soon came to hand.  Small coves and boat docks held the most fish.  Subsurface flies seemed to work better than topwaters.  We fished for most of the afternoon.

John wanted to wait until the sun went down and fish the bass in the dark.  His plans were interrupted with a phone call.

Chili-cheese-dogs and all kinds of other goodies Saturday night.  Everybody brought a little something to share, so there way more food than our small group could hope to eat.

Before dark we were all sitting around the fire, as the grill cooked the hot dogs.

The cheesecake that the sisters brought never got touched, as there was so much food that it was forgotten.

Sunday morning our group broke apart, with only Paul left on the water.



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