2018-03-02, quick trip to Damon 7 Lakes

Perfect weather to get out of the house so I made a quick trip to Damon 7 Lakes.

It turns out that I was not the only one with that thought.  MK and Skip D., Nate C., Dick K., Jerry B., Mark, and many others were there.

I tied on a VIP popper and that was the only f;y I used today.  9 LMB came to hand, but a lot more struck.

I didn’t get on the water until 1300, and left at 1700.  Using my pontoon boat I was able to get into the grass and sneak up on the bedding bass.

I was given a “coon tail dragonfly nymph” but did take the opportunity to use it.


Coontail dragonfly nymph



VIP popper was working well.

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