Willow Waterhole moves toward Inland Fishery

WWH diagram

As many of you know, I have been monitoring the progress of the construction of the Willow Waterhole (WWH) with the intention of helping to design and implement an inland fishery.

To review, the WWH is a stormwater detention basin that when completed will hold 600 million gallons of stormwater and will offer 279 acres of usable greenspace, and feeds into Braes Bayou to help alleviate flooding in Southwest Houston.

The project has presented a unique opportunity for private organizations, like the Texas Fly Fishers, to build upon the federal flood damage reduction incentive and create recreational and aesthetic features that benefit the community at large.

The Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy has obtained a $10,000 grant to design and construct a floating dock that will be used for a multitude of purposes, not the least of which, is a launching site for kayaks and float tubes as well as a platform for fishing and fly casting classes.  The Conservancy is currently awaiting site approval for the dock from the Harris County Flood Control and will then begin the planning and construction phase.  Alice Best and Mark Webb of Texas Parks and Wildlife will then begin development of an inland fisheries plan which will include stocking and maintaining different species of panfish.  There is also the possibility that one or more of the ponds could be incorporated into the TPW rainbow trout stocking program.

There is a meeting scheduled December 2nd or 3rd, final date is pending, with the board of the Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy, Representatives of the City of Houston Parks Department, Harris County Flood Control and Texas Parks and Wildlife.  If you would like additional information or to participate in this project please contact me at:

Mike Frankoff

Telephone: (713) 553-3003

Email: mike@cregtexas.com

4 thoughts on “Willow Waterhole moves toward Inland Fishery

    • I went to a meeting which included representatives from the Texas Parks and Wildlife, The Willow Waterhole, City of Houston Parks Department, Harris County Flood Control, Houston Wilderness and of course thr Texas Fly Fishers.

      Texas Parks and Wildlife was given the green light to order the fish and subsequently to stock the ponds. They will also be conducting tests on the ponds. In addition the planning for the piers and other access points is ongoing.

      I will post new developments as they occur.

      Couldn’t have gone better.


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