Port O’Connor One Fly – July 25th

Saturday, over 30 souls ventured to Port O’Connor to try their luck tossing a single fly for the day in hopes of glory and bragging rights.

The events started Friday evening with George Sutherland & his crew preparing a shrimp boil which was wonderful! After a meal of shrimp, corn on the cob, potatoes, onions and sausage, washed down with one’s choice of libation, we settled in for the night in anticipation of the next day.

6:45 am and it’s time to fish! Boats spread out over the POC area, with the more experienced boats helping those unfamiliar with the area. Yours truly managed to find a nice sandbar in Saluria Bayou to get hung up on, but a kind soul pulled us off.

The sun was hot, the water was murky in places and the fish were moody as always.

Finally, after a hard day of fishing, the results came in. Scott Breedlove reported an impressive 134″ of fish, which appeared to be the winner until just before the 5:30 deadline, when the crew of Martin Weir’s boat appeared.  Their boat totaled 574.5″!!! Rookie Blake Greer was the winner with 205″, Martin was second with 186.5 and Dick Pipkin placed 3rd with 183″.  Wow!!  Mike Graham caught the largest Red (27″) and trout (16″) while I caught the only flounder (15″).

Finally, we settled down to enjoy the paella feast that John (Pavon) Purcell and crew prepared. His paella has become an annual tradition with the POC1F and is worth attending the tournament just for a plate full of Heaven!

Thanks to George, John & Golden and all their helpers for making this event one for the books. My only worry is how can we top this next year? I guess I have 12 months to figure that one out!

Tight lines, calm winds and hungry fish!


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