Redfish Flies

Redfish Crack, by Capt. Scott Null

I’ve had a bunch of requests for the recipe of the Redfish Crack. I got this pattern from Andy Packmore at Fishing Tackle Unlimited. I’ve been tweaking it to suit myself for the last few months. If you’ll use these materials and super glue the thread after each step the fly will be virtually indestructible. One fly caught 12 one day, 6 the next and 19 the third. That one was cut off and given to the customer as a reminder of his great trip. It was still in good shape after 37 landed reds and no telling how many more that got off during the fight.

In the past I’ve used #2 or 4 Mustad 34007, this time I went with their Shrimp hook (C47SD). They’re sized a bit smaller so these are on the 1/0. No real reason, just what I had handy.
This color combination has been my favorite, but I’ve used several that others that work well too. This is also an unweighted version. Sometimes I add in lead eyes.


Hook: Mustad 34007 #2 – #4 or Mustad C47D “Shrimp” Hook 1/O Thread: Flat Waxed Nylon – Olive
Tail: Tan Craft Fur
Body: Orange Cactus Chenille
Head: EP Streamer Brush – Olive / Red
Weight: Lead Eyes – Optional

  1.  Start with a base of thread and then a small bit of tan craft fur. Super glue
  2. Tie in some orange cactus chenille, about 4-5 wraps. Super glue
  3. Tie in EP Streamer Brush w/legs and wrap to the eye and put some glue or Sally Hansen over the head. I’m using the reddish olive brush. They come in 9 inch lengths that I cut into three equal parts.
  4. After wrapping the brush you’ll need to use a bodkin to pick the fibers out from the wraps.
  5. Bar tail with Brown magic marker and comb the brush back and, you are done.



3 thoughts on “Redfish Flies

  1. The super supple craft fur tail looks like it will foul. I would take a wrap of that orange chenille under the tail before wrapping over the tie in point. Or make a mono loop at the top of the hook bend before wrapping in the tail.


    • Both ideas will work. I only show how I tie it, and because my methods always lean toward SCE, I rarely use the mono loop or chenille. I like to leave the underfur on the craft fur, and it seams to work well enough.


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