March 10-12 (Fri-Sun): Bolivar Marshes (RESEND)

Texas FlyFishers of Houston Event:  Bolivar Marshes – Stingaree Marina

  • I have booked the house.  This trip is a go.

MUST HAVE:  Kayak and/or Boat (or ride with someone in their boat)


1. Evite:  Will set up if get enough interest.
2. Call/text, or e-mail the planner  (John E)

PRICES  Below is the total price for both Fri and Sat nights.  Single nights will not be broken out)

Bedroom 1:  Full Size  ($150)   Howard Finley

Bedroom 2:  Full size  ($150)   Tim Stokely

Bedroom 3:  King  ($130)        John Staigerwald
Bedroom 3:  Bunk lower  ($100)  Erik Dilts
Bedroom 3:  Bunk lower  ($100)  Greg Mann
Bedroom 3:  Bunk upper  ($100)   OPEN
Bedroom 3:  Bunk upper  ($100)   OPEN
Bedroom 3:  Futon ($80)               John Eldred

Bedroom 4:  Queen ($130)      Michael Quiqley
Bedroom 4:  Queen ($130)     Robert Cowan
Bedroom 4:  Futon  ($80)       David Whatley


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