Oktoberfisch 2020

This past weekend was the first Oktoberfisch in Fredericksburg. The weather was beautiful although the wind was gusty every day. The new venue shined and the fishing was the star.

Oktoberfisch moved from Junction to Fredericksburg and the Edgewater Springs Resort on the Pedernales River. The new facility is fantastic and will be even better once completed. The location on the Pedernales is beautiful and there was excellent fishing on site. Besides lots of sunfish there were Guadalupe bass and largemouth bass caught, but, the real star was the carp fishing. There were multiple carp landed some in excess of 8 pounds.

The turnout was greater than in 2019, which is impressive considering the effects of Covid-19, and the new venue can accommodate many, many more in the future.

Sunday morning the certified casting instructors did a 2 hour running comedy show with serious casting demonstration punctuated by good natured ribbing. Chris Johnson, Gary Davidson and Jim Bass provided most of the demonstration and all the ribbing.

Bottom line, despite the pandemic, the event exceeded expectations and the future of the event in Fredericksburg looks bright.

View of the Pedernales from the event center at Edgewater Springs Resort.

The event center at Edgewater Springs Resort.
Small carp taken on 3 wt.

Guadalupe bass taken on Tenkara rod below the event center.
Odom Wu with 8 plus pound taken Sunday morning below event center. He landed another of same size or larger later in the morning.

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