Trout In the Classroom Update

Due to the ongoing school closures thanks to COVID-19, we made the decision to release all the trout from the Trout in the Classroom project early this year. Many of the schools are on complete lockdown, with teachers not allowed in to check or feed on the fish, others were being completely disinfected internally. With some begging and pleading we managed to get as many tanks out as we could and then over the last few days we have been releasing the fish on the usual section of the Guad, near Canyon Lake.  Hopefully next year we are able to run the program as long as we usually do! Thank you to all the teachers for taking part, the club for helping to fund the new tanks, to Ralph Havis for volunteering to help this year and to Ron and TU for their continued support and of course for the eggs!

We will be back next year!



One thought on “Trout In the Classroom Update

  1. I think what you are doing with these young kids is great. The early release is actually better as water temperature is somewhat lower than the usual release time during the summer. Hopefully these same kids will be catching some of these fry one day using their fly rods. Too cool! Matt we’re all proud of your team’s strong efforts. Just look at the river’s beauty. too nice!


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