Harmon Creek trip report….

March 25th 2017, Texas FlyFishers’ Freshwater outing at Harmon Creek

The water was high and muddy due to all the rain the day prior.

8 Texas FlyFishers braved the water conditions and got in a lot of casting practice, but no fish to hand.

Conditions up and down the creek yielded few, if any, fish to any anglers, even the live-baiters, who generally at least catch a few.

I’m thinking about a night fishing trip to this location in July, or even August.

If anybody has something to add, please do.



I had a blast on Harmon Creek even though no one caught anything.  We had a major storm Friday night, a week ago today, that caused the creek to turn muddy. It was a clear day with a blue sky on Saturday. Perfect weather wise. Why a blast?  Because of the TFF friends there, the great weather, kayaking for the first time in six months and learning to use my new sinking line equipment and flies.

See you at the John Scarborough Damon 7 Lakes trip in a week! Barbara is coming too.



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