2017 Trout in the Classroom

The TFF sponsored 2017 Trout in the Classroom project got off to a flying start last week. Thanks to the kind donations from TFF through the club fund raising and also with three new schools acquiring the necessary equipment themselves, we are now up to TEN tanks in high schools across Houston! This is a doubling in size of the project in one year and all the new teachers signed on after hearing about the success of tanks in our classrooms through their school system. We now have tanks in the following schools:

  1. Katy HS – Ms Kathleen Brown (Aquatic Science)
  2. Katy HS – Coach Williams (Aquatic Science)
  3. Katy HS – Jennifer Greenland (Aquatic Science)
  4. Mayde Creek HS – Sharon Carswell (Aquatic Science)
  5. Morton Ranch HS – Leigh Anne Colonna (Aquatic Science)
  6. Seven Meadows HS – Carlton Colmenares (AP Environmental Science)
  7. Klein Collins HS – David Henderson (AP Environmental Science)
  8. Cypress Lakes HS – Eileen Gariepy (Aquatic Science)
  9. Westbury HS – Lauren Gustartis (World Geography)
  10. Deer Park HS – Kirby Schmidt (Aquatic Science)

As usual the rainbow trout eggs were supplied by Trout Unlimited and came from a hatchery in Washington state. Each school received approximately 100 eggs and some have already started to hatch. Over the next few months I will keep everyone updated with their progress. Meanwhile if you have any questions then feel free to get in touch with me.

Matt Blyth (8324444206)

3 thoughts on “2017 Trout in the Classroom

  1. Brandi – as well as Austin Fly Fishers, I suggest also contacting Ron McAlpin who is the local representative from TU who coordinates the Trout in the Classroom project for the south Texas area – 2108629054


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