TFF 2016 PINS report, updated 2016-09-16

Here is the condensed version:
Weather was perfect.
Water and driving conditions were good.
Waves and wind were good for fly flinging most of the time.
Fish were caught.
Everybody got home safely.

But if you want to read more:
Smacks (Spanish Mackerel)
Baby jacks
One shark hooked, but lost.

A hook in leg first aid.
One gill sliced thumb first aid.
A dead battery, easily jump started.
Fire ant bites at the first camp cooking area.
A ton of destroyed or lost flies.
No broken rods

10 of us, in eight 4WD vehicles, met up at the Malaquite parking lot and were running down the beach by 1230.

The red tide event turned out to over by the time we arrived.  I’m glad we looked at it before making the road trip, but this time it didn’t affect us.

Looking for bird activity took us well past the 20 mile marker with only one quick stop to wet a line.  Around 1600 we found some birds working next to shore and we all caught enough “pocket tarpon” to get the kinks out of our casting.

First camp was set up by about 1800 close to mile marker 40, and the charcoal was immediately lit.  Dinner was loaded hot dogs, and fresh redfish fillets.  Then we sat around the coals, enjoying adult beverages and stories of the day.

Day 2 started before sunrise with coffee and breakfast as we sat by the shoreline enjoying the breeze and trying to catch whiting.  Hardheads had moved in so the whiting wasn’t around to be caught.

7 of the 8 trucks were ready to go on down the beach by 0830, leaving one group behind to fish the area that produced Friday night.  From all indications, those 2 guys left for home before dark.

The driving was not bad at all, with the soft patches of sand easily maneuvered through. We leap-frogged all the way to mile marker 50 to talk over what the plan was.  6 trucks went on down to the jetties, leaving the big blue truck at the 50 to fish that area for a while.

White jeep and big blue went almost to the 35 mile marker before taking a break for lunch, and just admiring the waves.  There was no bird activity, or bait busting out of the water, it just seemed like a good place to take a break.  This is where the white jeep called it a good trip and done.  He then made his way off the beach for home.

White Avalanche came up to this point so we decided to fish here, even though there was nothing visible.  After all, we did come here to fish.  After practice casting into the first gut, White Avalanche made one cast into the next gut and immediately hooked into a smack.   For the next few hours we continued to catch ladyfish and smacks without ever leaving that one spot.  The others made it to this spot to try their luck, and everybody that cast here hooked into something.

At sundown big blue called it done, and made his way off the beach and headed home.

The next day the remaining 7 trucks slowly made their way back to the parking area, catching more ladyfish when they stopped.  The weather and water conditions was great, flat surface with the wind changing from the north in early morning hours.  Everybody was safely off the beach by 1330, and headed home.

Now we need to start making plans for next year!

3 thoughts on “TFF 2016 PINS report, updated 2016-09-16

  1. Great trip.
    I have Garland’s Uniden vhf radio, which I thought was Paul’s at first.
    Phil told me who’s it was.
    I will bring to next meeting or return earlier if I can find out where.


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