SPOT trackers

I do enough remote hiking and fishing that I’m strongly considering purchasing a SPOT tracker.  I know that there are a few club members out there that use them (Puck, Harry C).  It looks like there’s a choice of two of them.  Anything you can share that might help me with my buying decision?


3 thoughts on “SPOT trackers

  1. My model is not longer offered, but I can tell you that I like the idea of being able to compose my own messages, as some models don’t allow that. If you have a truly waterproof smart phone that could link……

    Matt B. and Travis R. also have this service. You may want to ask their advice also.

    And the bottom line is: What works for the way you plan to use it.


  2. I appears that there’s a cost for the unit and an additional cost for the annual service. The SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messenger is $149. I’m also curious about how well it works in box canyons. I know my 15 year old Garmin GPS isn’t very good in box canyons. I mostly want to be able to tell a family member that I’m on the verge of dying and someone should come get the carcass before the coyotes do.

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  3. Haven’t seen any responses to the best satellite tracker recommendations. Now that I will be spending more time in the Colorado mountains fishing, I’m going to need something to communicate with the wife at home. What is the latest?


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