Sabine River, “Horseshoe trip” 2015-10-17

My cousin came into town from Atlanta, and one of the trips we made was yesterday.  This short trip was recommended by Skip and Mary-Kay from our club and Danny from Tack-A-Paw Expedition’s.

We stayed Friday night at TBARS in a yurt, only to wake up early for breakfast and get headed to the water.  Danny helped us with the logistics of parking, transport, etc.

The fishing was great, the scenery was amazing.

First part of Sabine river

White Bass on Bendback and 5wt

The entire trip, according to the GPS was just a little over 7 miles, even with all of my turning back to fish other areas.

If we can fit this float trip into our 2016 schedule, I think it would be more than worth it.

Kayaks are ready

Kayaks are ready

Almost a portage

Almost a portage

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