Redfish Rodeo

2015 Redfish Rodeo PayPal Redfish Rodeo Flyer 2015

Please email mfquigley at yahoo dot com if you are planning on attending. I will need the following; Name, Email, Phone Number, Do you have a boat (Y/N)?, If so, how many open spaces do you have?
We need people with boats to sign up to give rides to those without.
As of Wednesday, October 7th
First Name Last Name Boat (Y/N) Boat Assignment
Michael Quigley Y MFQ
Denis Auger Y Guide
Mike Graham Y Graham
Scott Fossum Y Fossum
Clay Sheward Y Sheward
Michael Smalley N Sheward
Scott Breedlove N Fossum
Eduardo Davis N MFQ
Mark Machado Y Machado
Chris Sumers Y Kayak
Mingo Lee N Graham
Bob Schneider N Machado
Jack Keller N Machado

3 thoughts on “Redfish Rodeo

  1. Hey y’all, I just received an awesome grand prize for the Redfish Rodeo, compliments of Fishing Tackle Unlimited and Marcos Enriquez, a 9′ 8 wt Sage Salt fly rod! That’s about an $800-$850 retail rod and one helluva stick. I ought to know. I have one.

    You can’t win it if you don’t sign up and fish!!


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