Lake Bastrop Trip Report: Feb 28-29, 2020

The Lake Bastrop weekend trip was a success.  We had six tents with twelve sleeping spots reserved;  seven hardy fisherman attended, fishing and spending the night on Friday, and fishing again on Saturday morning.  Kayaks and a paddleboard. Friday morning started off rather chilly.  Temps right around 35F.  It warmed up fairly quickly and was … Continue reading Lake Bastrop Trip Report: Feb 28-29, 2020

Prison Permit Invitational, 2020

The convicts are on the loose again and we need your help rounding them up! It’s time for the annual Prison Permit Invitational...we will meet at either Matagorda Harbor or Sargent on Sat, Feb 22 in the morning.  (time to be determined)  Fish and meet back at the launch area at 4pm.  NOTE:  This is a boat and wade fishing only trip.  You must be physically able to "climb" out of a boat and wade fish.  More details to come on available boats as the date gets closer. Contact John Eldred or Mike Graham

Chandeleur Islands – Oct 11-14, 2020 (rescheduled)

Chandeleur Isl Trip, Oct 11-14; This is a 2.5 day trip to the Chandeleur Islands with DMJ Charters. Minimum 10/maximum 12 people. Several of us made this same trip last year...great trip. The trip is: Spend Sun night (Oct11) on the "mother ship. Depart for Chandeleur Islands and fish on Mon, Tues, then Wed till 10am. Return to shore by 12-2pm Wed, Oct 14. Call John Eldred or Scott Fossum (see post for details)