Lake Bastrop Trip Report: Jan 15-16, 2021

Several of us made a valiant bass fishing effort at the Lake Bastrop Northshore Park on Jan 15-16.  We fished Fri afternoon in the gusting wind with no luck.  Three of us enjoyed a campfire dinner of red beans/rice, sausage, shrimp pasta, salad, and good stories.  We burned some wood that night as the temperature dropped, and spent Friday night huddled by the campfire, and then bundled up inside our tents.  Temperature dropped below 30F, making for a rather chilly night.

Saturday morning rewarded us with a spectacular sunrise and glass lake conditions…..although still cold.  Puck joined us early with kolaches.  Fishing was very slow…perhaps related to the rather chilly temps.  A great time paddling and exploring the lake….as is said “fishing was great, catching was slow”.

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