Lake Raven Trip Report, 2020-09-26

Four of us made the trip to Huntsville State park to fish Lake Raven.  The weather started out foggy and misty, providing excellent cloud cover, to mid-morning when it burned off providing a blue bird fishing day.  The temperature was perfect and there was no wind, making for excellent casting.

We were on the water and fishing by ~7:30.  Using 5wt and 6wt rods we immediately started casting top water patterns hoping for the big bite.  The lake is fed by three major creeks and offers fishing for crappie, perch, catfish, and bass.  It is known for producing largemouth bass in excess of 10 pounds, and large redear sunfish too.

The bite was on the slow side but everyone caught or hooked fish.  Since “the tug is the drug,” everyone had a feeling of success by the end of the outing.  The flies of the day were: poppers, bend backs, sili worms, and a few others.

Lake Raven is kayak friendly, close and offers the opportunity for a large mouth bass of a lifetime.  It is definitely worth visiting and should be on every members list to fish.

Howard F.

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    • I does, as a comment to this thread. But if you’ll send “Puck”, Ted, or John, some pictures, price, etc. we can start a new thread in the “For Sale” area.


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