5 thoughts on “South Llano Float trip 2018, Open bed

  1. Pick,
    I’d like to do the Saturday Llano float. I don’t need a bed. I’ll drive in Saturday AM from Marble Falls then drive back there after the float on Saturday. We have a weekend home there.
    I have a kayak which I’ll bring in my Tahoe. Is that acceptable? Will there be transport for kayaks after the float back to the launch after the float?
    Mickey Collins


  2. Puck,
    I’d also like to join the trip. I do not need a bed as I will be driving in Saturday morning from Kerrville. I will have my kayak with me. Let me know if this works.

    Robert Cowan


    • I plan to have the first group on the water 30 minutes after sunrise. If you could join the group by about 0600 for coffee, we can share the plan then,


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