Freshwater Outings

Fresh Water Outings we’ve had in the past

January One Fly

Guadalupe One Fly, Saturday 19th January 2013 Join us for a friendly competition to see who can catch the most rainbows on a single fly (the rules change every year so make sure you get them from Matt) as determined by the measured total inches of fish. This year’s event will be a team effort, a ‘seasoned’ trout angler teamed up with a ‘newbee’. Use Mark’s balloon indicator and plop it down. Float trip the river in pairs is the current plan.

February Mountain Fork Guided Fishing and Entomology Seminar

February 15 – 17, 2013 (Friday through Sunday). This Freshwater Outing is to the Mountain Forks River near Broken Bow, Oklahoma, about a 6 hour drive from Houston. We will spend one day (Friday, February 15th) on the river with a guide, Rob Woodruff, who will explain the different techniques for fishing the varied waters in this area. Rob will also present his well known entomology course (optional), which includes a Saturday afternoon classroom session and a Sunday morning field trip on the 16th and 17th.

March White Bass

Fishing the upper Guad – above Canyon Lake. During March they have a run of white bass and big stripers. Its kayak friendly but would probably involve putting in and kayaking up stream and then floating back. Its flat water with almost no rapids so its not too bad.

April – John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular

Join us for the annual chance to capture the John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular Trophy and a decent feed on Saturday the 20th of April at Damon Seven Lakes. Fishing from the shore, but float tubes and kayaks are quite successful.

Llano in June

June 7-9th Weekend float and fish the South Llano River, near Junction, Tx. You need a canoe or kayak.


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