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Membership dues for Texas FlyFishers cover the Club fiscal year – from 01 July through 30 June. DO NOT PAY BEFORE JUNE 30 OR YOU WILL BE CREDITED FOR PRIOR YEAR!!!!   Our dues have been unchanged for the last fifteen years and are:

  • Indivdual Member  $24.00
  • Family Membership  $32.00
  • Student Membership  $16.00

This year we have added a PayPal payment option for those of you that prefer the convenience of electronic payment. You do not need a PayPal account to use this feature and can pay with your credit card. Using PayPal means that the club website does not have access to any of your billing information. If you are not comfortable with electronic payment systems please use the conventional SnailMail option.


Renewals Use this form for Renew Membership. Please indicate your FFF membership status. Remember to save the receipt for your records. DO NOT PAY BEFORE JUNE 30 OR YOU WILL BE CREDITED FOR PRIOR YEAR!!!!

New Members Use this form for New Membership. Please indicate your FFF membership status. Remember to prorate your dues and save the receipt for your records.


Based on requests from members we have added PayPal as an option for renewing your membership and paying your dues. DO NOT PAY BEFORE JUNE 30 OR YOU WILL BE CREDITED FOR PRIOR YEAR!!!!  Select the appropriate  link below:

New and Renewing Individual membership 

New and Renewing Family membership

Student membership


44 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Would like to join the organization. Interested in trips to LA and Caribbean or other designations. I am a very experienced saltwater fly fisherman.


    • Hey Neil you found the right place. We have a good group of “Salties”, who like you, love the idea of traveling to the hot spots for their action. Winter fishing over in Louisiana is awesome and there are quite a few guys chomping at the bit to go. Does the Laguna Madre wet you whistle? Well then WELCOME BROTHER! Look me up at the Mini Expo at the end of this month. You’ll see what we’re all about and a great opportunity to meet like minded anglers!


    • Are you interested in Chasing Tarpon in Boca Grande Florida in May or June 2020?
      I need one person to share expenses. If more people want to go, I am sure we can get another boat.

      Contact: Chris Bruttig.

      I have used this guide at Christmas of 2019, He has all necessary rods, knows his stuff and is a pleasure to fish with.


  2. Big into trout fishing. Recently took a job in Houston and found myself trapped by stagnant warm water and salt water. Having trouble catching many bass on the fly. You guys do much freshwater close to Houston? Recent college grad here, unable to afford the big trips.



    • Mitchell. This club has plenty of freshwater activities during the course of the year. Look at the Freshwater Outings and Freshwater Forum section for a flavor of that. Joining the club will get you on our mailing list which will get meeting, event, outing and newsletters sent your way. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll get everything that posts to the website sent your way. There is an upcoming outing at the Seven Lakes bass fishing club in October that might be a good introduction to the club. For the trout fisherman in you, we have the Guadalupe near New Braunfels that’s popular with some. Good during November – March. Come to the club’s summer mini expo at the end of the month. Details will be posted some time next week.


  3. Hey everyone, I relocated to Houston from OKC a couple of weeks ago. I’m dying to go fly fishing out in the saltwater, but have NO IDEA what I’m doing.

    I was stationed at Ft. Lewis (back when it was still called Ft. Lewis) and spent my time there fishing for salmon, steelhead, and trout up and down the coastal rivers. Back in Oklahoma I spent a lot of time unsuccessfully fishing for hatchery trout in the Blue, Mountain Fork and Illinois rivers. I’m looking forward to learning about the marine species down here, and I’m eager to get to it.

    I signed up for the Fence Lake trip in June, but I don’t want to wait that long. If anyone wants to show a new guy the ropes, please let me know. I’m free most weekends, and can even try to make it out after work during the week if traffic isn’t that bad (I get out at 3pm).

    Thanks, and I’ll leave my contact info below!


  4. Good afternoon gents! I am a returning member. It has been a number of years since I was last a member. I worked overseas for a few years then when I returned I didn’t fish much so I did not re-up my membership.
    I am now getting the itch to do some more fishing and have a question about dues. I will probably do a family membership but I see that they renew at the end of June. Should I pro-rate that now then re-up for the full amount in June or just pay the full amount now??

    Thanks guys and hope to see you on the water soon!


  5. Hello All,

    What do the different categories, individual and family, actually include? Looking forward to re-upping as its been a while. Thanks, Mark


  6. Hello, I’m 61 years young. Just started fly fishing a year ago. Fell head over hills madly in love with it. I think it’s almost like a “Spiritual” experience. I’ve fished all my life in the east Texas Palestine area. When I moved to Pearland, I left my good freshwater spots/lakes and didn’t fish for years. When I picked up a fly rod at Cabelas I heard Angels sing. It was like getting my first bike. Ive been watching, reading and practicing and I love the feeling each time I cast, whether a good or not so god cast, each cast is a continuing learning experience requiring your full attention and dedication. For me, it’s truly the purest form of fishing.
    So, I’m really thinking about joining you guys because my biggest issue is lack of a “mentor”. NONE of my friends fly fish and I don’t know anyone who does. I would love to find out about more possible places in our area and perhaps salt water which I have not tried yet. I have a 7/8 and a 5 wt. entry level rod & reel.


  7. Hi TFOH!

    My wife and I, both 32 years of age, recently took a trip out to the Guad for a solid guided flyfishing experience with ReelFly Outfitters. I am still a novice with my own gear and it was my wife’s first time (we normally fish the Gulf surf). To downplay her feeling toward landing an 14″ rainbow on a fly she was ecstatic. The guide pointed me your direction as he believed Houston has quite a large flyfishing community. Look forward to becoming a member of this group so we can learn and grow in our experience and abilities. It looks like y’all have a great community.



  8. hello
    I joined TFF in july, using paypal, receipt # 1008-4727-5264-2000.
    I haven’t received any emails, and I’ve checked my spam and junk mail …
    I confirmed that i am on TFF’s membership list at the October meeting.
    So what have I not done to receive updates?


  9. Hello,
    I’m looking to speak with someone about setting up a membership with your organization. I’m a grad student at UTMB Galveston and was an active participant with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing when I lived in San Marcos. I’d love to find a similar network of fish-minded friends between Galveston and Houston to help veterans in the area catch the bug for fly fishing. Thanks in advance!



    • Hello Patrick,
      Thanks for your interest in Texas FlyFishers. We have a number of folks in the club that will be very interested in visiting with you, and I’ve forwarded this comment on to them. I’m sure you’ve already stumbled on our Membership page, but if not, here it is –
      We have a monthly meeting on the last Tuesday of every month, except December. Usually 50-80 members show up and it’s a great place to meet fly fishermen from beginners to those who were around in the days of Izaak Walton.
      David Lemke


      • David, thanks for the info on meeting times. Great to hear y’all have such a big turn out for those meetings.


    • Patrick,
      I’ve been volunteering at the PHWFF group in Conroe. They are a great bunch of folks. PHWFF is in contact with us now, trying to get a group together here in Houston. If you have a weekday off, and need to hit the water, post up, and some of our group may be able to fish during the week. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
      docpuckett(at) gee mail(dot)c0M
      Bots have been know to grab real emails and phone numbers from the web.


      • Puck,
        Yea, they are a great bunch up there in Conroe and spoke about you while I was up there, all good things I promise! I’ll email you with some other small questions I have. Thanks for the response.


  10. Anyone interested in Chasing Tarpon in May or June 2020 in Boca Grande Florida?
    I need one person to share expenses. I am sure we can get another boat if more people want to go.. I fished with this guide in December. He knows his stuff, has all necessary equipment and is a pleasure to fish with


  11. White River Fly Anglers is offering a Spring Special for the months of March and April.
    Two days of guided float fishing on the legendary White River in Arkansas for the price of one. That’s $450 for 2 days of guiding for 1 or 2 anglers. Included is shore lunch, tackle, rods and reels. Please contact me at 417-429-6530 and visit our website. We look forward to speaking with you.


  12. Hello all, I want to sign up as an individual member and paid 24.00 with pay pall but cannot find the application page…can someone tell me how to get it?? Thanks.


  13. Does anyone tie flies? My grandfather was a great fisherman and I have boxes of feathers and and few other things that were his.


  14. Actually I was looking to find a good home for the items. Do you have classes that you would need materials?


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