SCE Shad

Designed and presented by Don Puckett


  • Mustad 3407 size 6-2/0
  • Size “A” rod wrapping thread, color to match mylar
  • Bucktail, one light color, followed by a dark.  In this example I am using purple over white.
  • Mylar to fit hook size.  In this example I am using pearl.
  • Stick-on eyes.  Color of choice.
  • Sealant style glue.  CCG, booger glue, Goop ®, Loon head, etc.

Video instructions: SCE Shad


  1. Wrap hook with thread
  2. Place light bucktail halfway down shaft of hook, and tie in
  3. Place a sparse bunch of dark bucktail in front of light, and tie off.
  4. Pull threads from Mylar and flatten, cut the back at a slight angle to allow the mylar to clear the hook gap.
  5. Tie down in the front, and tie off.
  6. Place eyes and seal the entire front 1/3 of the fly.  In this example I am using booger glue.

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