Some volunteer work, in preparation of the Family Friendly event coming up soon….

Some volunteer work, in preparation of the Family Friendly event coming up soon.... I know "work" doesn't seem like that ideal thing to mention in relation to fishing. Let me explain. We will need to set up picnic tables and do a bit of cleanup before the JSSFS For those that volunteer, we will have an opportunity to do a bit of fishing after we finish up. The date is now 2021-03-09-0830 as the weather is looking good..

John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular, 2021-04-17-0700 (date locked)

This is THE family friendly event of the year! Join us for the annual chance to capture the John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular Trophy and a decent feed on Saturday the 17th of April (date is confirmed) at Damon Seven Lakes. Fishing from the shore, but float tubes and kayaks are quite successful. Contrary to the name there are now nine different, unique lakes of good size that hold largemouth bass, tiger bass, catfish, black crappie, and bluegill. Catching bass in the three to five pound range is a normal occurrence. Twelve pound bass, decent channel cats, and twelve inch bream have been caught in the last three years.

Pre-fishing Harmon Creek, 2021-02-03

New owners have been doing a great job of getting ready for the 2021 fishing season. The grass is cut, the parking areas are clear. It is looking good, and the work continues. I got a late start and was able to launch easily. The water was very low, but extremely clear. I made it up to "Brighty Blue" bay dragging across a few sandbars. All of the white bass that came to hand were undersized males. I did also land a few decent black bass. The fly that worked was an SF fiber Clouser, size 10, in rainbow. I did try the coyote clouser, but the water was so clear that it actually spooked the fish.

Updated: Opportunity to help the next generation of anglers…

We are currently in the beginning phases of how camp will look like this year. All volunteer information will need to be given to Charriss York, Coastal Brigade President. All volunteers will need to possibly complete paperwork and take Youth Protection Training prior to camp. Here are some the details: LOCATION FOR THESE EVENTS: Sea Star Base Galveston 7509 Broadway St, Galveston, TX 77554

Fun with marabou

Last night I was on-line with the Project Healing waters folks in Conroe, and we didn't capture the video, so I was asked to generate one with the subject matter. I was able to make and upload 5 short videos this morning. Let me know what you think. "Puck"

JITS 2020

Picture heavy, with little text. The winds were easy, but the waves were horrendous. Standing in ankle deep water and getting hit in the chest makes fly fishing difficult. Around noon, after making it to the turtle house, and not seeing a thing, we went over Yarbrough Pass, to much calmer water. One red was caught, on conventional, and a speck on a fly. It was just good to get away from those monster waves.