Dr Ed Rizzolo Annual Fly Tying Festival

Held annually on the second Saturday in February and presented by the Texas FlyFishers, the objective of Dr. Ed Rizzolo Annual Fly Tying Festival brings many of the top fly tyers from Texas and surrounding states together in an open forum to present their talents and artistic ability to both fly tyers and, non-fly tyers alike. The Festival also includes five, one-hour classroom sessions for a more specific and detailed presentation of the different types of flies, and the Iron Fly Tyer contest

The Festival is open to the public and is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Dr. Ed Rizzolo

According to Dr. Ed “I started fly tying in New Jersey in November, 1944, fly fishing in April,
1945, and it’s been a continuous learning process ever since”. He began fishing the streams in
New Jersey, New York, and Maine and, from there, his travels  ->Read More

Past and Present Festival Featured Presenters

2019 – Pat Cohen
2018 – Rick Strolis
2017 – David Nelson
2016 – Blane Chocklett
2015 – Drew Chicone
2014 – Charlie Craven
2013 – Dave Hughes
2012 – Tim Borski
2011 – None due to snow
2010 – Bob Clouser
2009 – Mark Sedotti
2008 – Ken Iwamasa
2007 – C. Boyd Pfeiffer
2006 – Tim Blount
2005 – Jack Gartside
2004 – A.K. Best

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