Annual Auction – November 14, 2021

In 2020 (due to the Covid 19 pandemic), the Texas FlyFishers Annual Auction was held on-line in the month of November.  Below is a description of how the 2020 event was managed.  In the future, we are looking to have a combination of live and on-line auction.

The 2020 “silent” auction was held over multiple days on a Website, allowing individuals to bid, rebid, etc etc. up until the final close day.   The intent was to make this as close as possible to our previous “Silent Auction” events described below.

The 2020 “live” auction was held on-line via ZOOM technology.  Items were displayed and described, then the bidding was held.  Bidders participated via the “chat” section of ZOOM, and the event was quite successful


The Texas FlyFishers Annual Auction was typically held on the first Saturday of May at Bayou Sports Bar and Grill (map), 6011 Addicks Satsuma Rd, Houston, TX 77084 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. This is our Club’s primary source of funds for the coming year and, we need the participation of all of our members. There is no admission for the Auction but, you must register at the front table and get a Bidder Number if you wish to participate. There will also be tickets available for an opportunity to win some great prizes that will be drawn for during the day. Lunch will also be available.  The auction is held in two parts, The Silent Auction and, The Live Auction. The Silent Auction begins at 9:00 am and the Live Auction will kick off around noon.

The Silent Auction

If you are not familiar with the Silent Auction process, it’s quite simple. There will be 4 – 5 rows of tables with items ranging from artwork to flies to tying materials to wading boots and, everything in between. Next to each item is a clipboard where, should you decide to bid, you write down your bidder number and your bid for that item. This process will continue throughout the day so, you will need to keep checking back to monitor the status of your bid. Then, at the end of the Auction, Last Call is given and the auction is then closed. If at the end of the auction, your bid is the highest, you take your item and the bid sheet up to the cashier and pay out. Nothing to it.

The Live Auction

The Live Auction will begin around noon (after lunch) and continue until the last item has been auctioned off, somewhere around 1:30 pm. The Live Auction contains 30+ top drawer items ranging from fly rods to original artwork to trips to 5 Star destinations and, much more. You will want to be on hand for this.

6 thoughts on “Annual Auction – November 14, 2021

  1. Hello, I spoke to someone at the last meeting (Skip Donovan maybe) about helping contact vendors to request items for this event. I have yet to hear from anyone. Do we still need help with this? IF so please feel free to contact me.



  2. I contacted Bayou City Angler today and inquired if I could drop off some auction items. The reply was that the store had not been asked to be a drop off point, but they would get the items into the right hands. From prior experience, BCA has always provided a ton of stuff from people dropping off items. This is not my event, but maybe somebody should formally ask them to be a drop off location?


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