Mike Graham


Since joining the Texas Fly Fishers I have tried to be very active helping the Club when ever and where ever I could. From heading up our Saltwater Outings from 2010 till the present time and numerous recent Freshwater Outings, to coordinating set-up and tear down of our Annual Club Auction and Fly Tying Festival, to attending as many monthly meetings as I possibly could, to include heading up our Club Board Election Committee this year, I have to say the Texas Fly Fishers has been and will continue to be a huge part of my outdoor life. And as such I want to see our club’s wonderful traditions move forward as well as our rich history deservingly preserved.

In my past, I headed up the local Houston Area Council of the Roof Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) as their President and being a Board member for over six years. While there, I promoted and taught instructional classes in Roofing Safety, NRCA accredited Commercial and Residential Roofing certifications, and headed up our local efforts to certify qualified roofing companies here in the State of Texas. I was responsible for coordinated monthly educational programs and instructional seminars bringing in many of our local material distributors, distinguished architects and engineers, and safety consultants to speak to our membership.

As the Texas Fly Fishers Promotional Director it will be my responsibility to inform the public as to what TFF has in store to offer them concerning the club’s outings, promotions, seminars, gatherings, parties and future charity events.
One of my driving efforts will be to bring more youth oriented participation into our club. We will be holding family events where parents fish with their children, where disadvantaged children fish with TFF mentors, youth fly tying, promote scout fly fishing educational programs, and of course bringing more young adults into the club to help perpetuate our club’s direction for years to come. Please contact me if you have any special interest regarding youth participation.

Those that know me also know of my competitive side. I love saltwater fly fishing and will meet any challenge presented to me with intense desire to succeed. I have made many wonderful friends through my association with the Texas Fly Fishers. The membership knows I am not shy when it come to a good conversation about our choosen sport. I feel the Texas Fly Fishers should be an active voice regarding fly fishing here in Texas and as such we should affiliate ourselves with others with similar well-founded intentions. If you have any input regarding promotion of our Club, or wish to discuss our club’s future endeavors that you feel will further Fly Fishing here in Texas please contact me through this site and I will be quick to respond.

That’s the GOLDEN RULE!

Mike “Golden” Graham

2 thoughts on “Mike Graham

  1. Hi Mike. I chatted with you at the fishing show. Harmon creek will be my first club activity. Hope to see you there

    I ride a gray soloskiff

    Chris Busch
    713 818 0264


  2. Mike, I sent Puck message similar to: Will Club support “posting or email blast to promote Go Fund Me Page in support of fishing community in Bahamas damaged by hurricane . Advantage is direct support without admin waste or corruption waste of local agencies and assistance for fly fishing guides and families.


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