John Purcell

Raised in Anchorage, Alaska and started fly fishing with my Dad for Dollies, Rainbows and Graylings by hopping on the Alaska Railroad with rods and camping gear and dropped off at a wilderness creek or river for a couple days in bear country eating rain soaked pancakes eggs with mosquitoes dressing, then flagging down the train to return home. Fishing continued but not with a fly rod, as a canoe guide in the Quetico Superior National Park out of Ely, Minnesota, then canoeing 2400 miles from Lake Itasca to New Orleans. Moved to Ketchikan, Ak ordered and built a Herters fly rod and fished Sockeye (RedSalmon), Dollies and Rainbows in Ward Creek and the mountain lakes. Moved back to Anchorage, joined the Oil Field, worked offshore Cook Inlet then The North Slope. Transferred to International Division to work in Peru and Trinidad. Met my wife Adrienne while at Houston HQ, married a year later and moved to Colombia then Venezuela fly fishing for Peacook Bass in the jungle and bonefishing in Los Roques. Moved to Hiltonhead and discovered the joy of fishing for Red Drum out of a canoe. In 1997 moved to Houston and met my flyfishing mentor and fishing buddy Mike “Golden” Graham, who introduced me to our club and have enjoyed and learned ever so much about saltwater fly fishing now a passion. I don’t turn down freshwater Outings. My latest adventures apart from the Texas Gulf Coast was fishing a 10 wt. in the Red Sea and a 5 wt. at the Dream Stream in Colorado.

John cooking his famous paella at the Port O’Connor One Fly

If your thinking about becoming a member, don’t hesitate. The price is right and the camaraderie with our character members is never dull, very instructive and if you participate in our outings, and special events I promise they will be fulfilling.

As Vice President, and with our president and committee members, I’m expecting and even more vibrant club in the coming years.

If I don’t know you yet, help me out and come shake my hand.

One thought on “John Purcell

  1. Hi John,
    I need to have my email address changed so that I get the notices of meetings and outings…..but was unable to find anywhere on the site to send in a change address notice.
    My old email address was and my new email is
    Can you get this changed ?
    Thanks much for your help!
    Gary Yepsen


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