Report: Prison Permit Roundup, 2023

Four anglers participated in this event – to stalk the elusive Prison Permit, aka Sheepshead, in East Matagorda Bay.  The two boats left the Matagorda Harbor Marina a bit after 8am and motored up the intercostal waterway to the cut that led into E Matagorda Bay.  From there the boats went to the barrier island shoreline and anchored in wadable water near oyster beds.

The conditions were excellent.  Water clarity was good with visibility to knee deep and there was full sun.  Winds were moderate at 12 knots with occasional gusts and the bottom was solid for secure wading.

As anyone who has participated in this event knows, catching a sheepshead on the fly is very challenging.  Several of the anglers had shots at sheepshead feeding around the oysters but didn’t connect.  Others had shots at cruising reds but also didn’t connect.  One angler brought to hand a flounder on a green weenie.

Around 1pm the parties separated, with one exploring the area, and the other returning to the marina.  All parties safely returned without incident.

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