Report: GRTU Youth Camp, 2023-01

Each year in January, the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited Chapter sponsors a Youth Camp at Rio Guadalupe Resort. The primary leader for years has been Dakus Geeslin. He has a great time working with him. It is a great camp.

For $200 registration, the youth and adult sponsor get accommodations for two nights and 5 meals. (The meals were great)  In addition, the youth gets a complete fly rod outfit (this year it was an Orvis Clearwater ), as well as a lot of other swag such as nippers, forceps, hats, fly box, and flys. 

There were 26 youth at the camp this year. The official camp started Saturday moving with the youth helping with the trout stocking—transporting fish from the truck to the river. Then we watched them shoot some from the “canon” into the river off a bridge. The kids really loved this experience. 

Throughout the rest of the day Saturday, there were sessions on topics such as: the role of game wardens, panel discussion with guides, Fly Fishing 101, fly tying, tying knots, stream health and bugs, casting, and research projects on trout. 

Sunday morning was set aside for fishing. Ten guides volunteered their time and brought rafts and boats to take the kids out for a half day of fishing, In addition, we had some other guides that took some of the kids wade fishing. I think all of the kids caught some fish. I was quite impressed with this wonderful gift of time and talent by the guides

After lunch there are some closing recognitions and activities.

I had a wonderful four days with my oldest grandson Caleb. He flew over Thursday evening from Jackson, MS. We drove to the Guadalupe River early Friday morning so we could spend the day fishing before the camp check-in that night. We then attended the camp Saturday morning-Sunday afternoon. We stayed over an extra night for a little more fishing Sunday evening and Monday morning. We drove back to Houston Monday afternoon, cleaned up, ate, and got Caleb on the plane headed home late Monday evening. 

It was a highlight experience for me to be with him for his first experience of fly fishing for trout and catching his first rainbow trout.  

Paul E. Robertson
Ph.D., M.Div., ACPE Certified Educator
“Retired from work, but not from life.”

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