TFF PINS 2021-09 trip report

Jetty group (rock hoppers) –

Friday night the, Jonathan got two Reds and one was a keeper.  Ron caught two mangrove snappers and a small keeper trout.  Both landed more skipjacks than could be counted, some as large as 26 to 28 inches.

Saturday and Sunday fishing was very slow with only a couple of skipjacks brought to hand.

Beach runner (bird chasers)

Fishing was extremely slow.  There were pogies and mullet in the surf, but nothing was eating them. No birds were working all the way down to about mile marker 50 before deciding to turn back in camp Friday night near the turtle house.  Friday night not even soaking bait brought any fish to hand.  The shark hunters just down the beach were having the same kind of luck.

Saturday morning more of the same.  After camp was packed up Saturday morning we made our way to the jetties to talk to our rock hoppers there.  We were invited to stay at the jetties but there was quite a crowd there so we stayed for a few hours and made our way back to mile marker 20, looking for birds, or any activity in the water.  No birds work in all Saturday either.  Back around mile marker 40 are so we set up camp for Saturday night. 

Sunday morning was the same, no activity ,no birds, and no running bait.  The broke camp Sunday morning and way to Malachite, repacked everything and went home.

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