Freedom Hawk 14 Stand-Up (most stable) Kayak, with Motor, $1,200

Condition: Used, clean with a small amount of oyster rash

This particular Freedom Hawk was modified for fishing with an amazingly comfortable, custom made set on top, removable seat having a higher viewing angle for fish spotting (original seat included).

It also has a motor mount for the 2.5 HP air-cooled motor; motor can be started and operated from the seat and moves the kayak thru the water at 5 to 6 MPH.

There is an anchor trolley installed for controlled anchoring.

Included is a standup removable leaning bar with a rod holder.

With the pontoons operated/extended from the seat area, the kayak is extremely stable even in moderate rough water. Pontoons, with abundant storage, are removable and the kayak can function as 10’ rather than 14’ yak.

Also, with the pontoons removed, it can be transported comfortably in a pickup having a 6’ or 8’ bed or on top of your vehicle.

Accessories included:

  1. Pelican paddle with tether,
  2. anchor, motor tools with bag,
  3. modified crate for storage,
  4. two custom made kayak carts with wheels,
  5. Freedom Hawk and 2.5 HP motor manuals,

Current State registration until 2022. Have titles for kayak and motor. Selling due to a shoulder injury and old age!

BTW, the Freedom Hawk had limited production and is no longer manufactured.

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