Speaker, Monthly Meeting, October 27, 2020; Robert H McConnell, Fly Fishing the Sam Houston National Forest

At the Tuesday, October 27, 2020 monthly meeting of the Texas Fly Fishers, to be held via Zoom technology, Fly Fisherman and Author, Robert H McConnell, will be discussing fly fishing the Sam Houston National Forest.

The Sam Houston National Forest is located sixty miles north of Houston, Texas. The waterways of this national forest are home to a wonderful array of warmwater fish species, many of which can be angled on a fly rod. The waters of the Sam are a joy to fly fish, both for the novice and seasoned fly angler.

Our speaker, Robert H McConnell, is the author of a unique guidebook which offers quality photographs, detailed descriptions, and recommended access routes for the wilderness watercourses flowing through the Sam Houston National Forest. Included within these pages are composite images and descriptions of the panfish and bass species common to the Sam. By using Fly Fishing the Sam as a guide, the reader will be prepared for a fly fishing excursion into the hidden lotic environments of the Sam Houston National Forest.

​ So, if you are interested in the fly fishing the Sam Houston National Forest or are just interested in learning more about fly fishing in any respect, you will not want to miss this presentation. Be sure and look for your e mail from club Secretary, Eric Richardson or Membership Chairman, Bob Brill with details about joining the zoom meeting.

TFF members will be receiving an e mail containing a link to join the meeting.

For any of you who are not a member of the Texas Fly Fishers, if you are interested in attending this Zoom Meeting/Presentation, click on the link below at the time of the meeting and doing so should provide you with access to the meeting.

The link to the Zoom meeting is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83302140615?pwd=QlNTNWlmeXdCTkVBRmJBUWFKemRtdz09

Should you need a meeting ID and/or a password these items are:

Meeting ID: 891 7498 2198

Password: 537489

If you would prefer a direct invitation from the club leave a note in that regard along with your name and e mail address in the comments section below and a link allowing you to access the zoom presentation will be provided to you via e mail.

For all visitors to the meeting, although we hope you enjoy the presentation, we also hope you will consider joining the Texas Fly Fishers.

Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Time:Meeting Time 7-9 pm


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